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SoLá Pelvic Therapy
works differently

SoLá Pelvic Therapy empowers your body to conquer your pain. It delivers an activating light energy that stimulates your mitochondria—the healing powerhouses within your cells. This initiates a powerful, pain-reducing chain reaction that helps your body heal from the inside out.

Photobiomodulation (PBM) Publications in the Medical Literature

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PBM Publications


On PBM and Pain


PBM Clinical Trials

Heal your cells. Heal yourself.

Photobiomodulation works in these 3 ways to help you triumph over pain—and get you on the path to joyful living.

Cellular photobiomodulation

Increases production of cellular modulators important to healing and pain reduction.

Soothes tense muscles

Helps relax muscles through gentle massage.

Promotes healing

Encourages drainage of harmful lymphatic toxins.

Stimulates oxygen delivery to painful tissue by stimulating blood flow.

Designed for Treatment in the Doctor's Office

The wand applies healing light energy internally, directly to your pelvic muscles.

A soothing warmth may be felt during the treatment.